How to register your .physio domain name/s

Select a registrar from our list of accredited .physio registrars and follow their instructions.

Accredited registrars are authorised to provide services to eligible persons and entities that

  1. seek to register a .physio domain name,
  2. renew their existing .physio domain name, and
  3. make changes to their .physio domain name record.

Please note that specific services and fee schedules may vary.

Are all domain names available and equal?

Some domain names are already registered and therefore not available. To determine who has registered a particular .physio domain name or if the domain name you are seeking is available complete a Whois search.

Restricted domain names may not be registered at all.

Reserved domain names are currently not available and include names that may be released at a later date. We invite expressions of interest.

Not all domain names are equal. Premium names are of greater value and so our expectations will be higher in price or intent should you wish to negotiate.