Who is behind .physio?

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Phys Biz Pty Ltd is the Registry Operator for the .physio Top Level Domain (TLD). Managing Director Glenn Ruscoe has over twenty five years experience in the physio industry, primarily as a clinician in private practice. A strong advocate for the profession, Glenn has held leadership positions with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Physiotherapy Regulatory authorities and organisations at state, national and international levels. More information is available at glennruscoe.physio.

Phys Biz Pty Ltd is contracting with ARI Registry Services to operate the .physio TLD registry.

What is the history of .physio?

Symbolically .physio was born at the 2011 World Confederation for Physical Therapists (WCPT) Congress in Amsterdam. Whilst reading the European edition of the Wall Street Journal over breakfast one morning Glenn noticed a small article reporting of plans to extend the internet domain naming system from .com, .org and .net, by allowing anything to the right of the dot.

Glenn immediately foresaw a day when someone would make .physio available, as he could well imagine the benefits of changing his practice’s domain name from www.riseleyphysio.com to the shorter and more specific www.riseley.physio. Enthused by the prospect, his mind quickly moved on to other opportunities such as registering his own name, the location of the practice and his area of specailities. He then began to realise the broader benefits for the profession. An internet-identity, unique to physio would help unite and raise the profile of the profession across the world.

Who would make .physio available? Unable to come up with an answer he contacted the Australian Physiotherapy Association and WCPT to alert them of this fantastic opportunity. Both organisations recognised the value of the initiative but were unable to participate directly. So in the spirit of “doing-it-yourself”, Glenn created a company, wrote a business plan and with a second mortgage on his house made an application to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to be the registry operator for the .physio TLD. In reality, it wasn’t quite that simple. Phys Biz worked very hard with world class consultants and organisations, like Melbourne IT and ARI Registry Services, to help set up the Registry and its many functions. Consultation with the profession via WCPT and its member organisations provided invaluable advice on policy development.

By the closing date in March 2012, ICANN had received an overwhelming 1,930 applications for over 1,400 unique TLD’s. To manage the volume of applications a priority draw was undertaken to determine the order of assessment and processing – .physio emerged at number 929. But being the sole applicant for the .physio TLD and with no contentions, objections or clarifications .physio moved ahead of many other TLD’s; until a six month delay in late 2013 due to advice from ICANN’s Government Advisory Committee seeking greater safeguards for regulated professions. Eventually all was resolved and on 1 May 2014 Phys Biz signed the contract with ICANN to be the registry operator for the .physio TLD and on 19 June 2014 .physio was the 310’th generic TLD to be delegated to the internet.

A Launch Program was designed to facilitate a fair, orderly and equitable introduction for .physio, so as to find the right balance between community benefit, early mover advantage and protection of intellectual property rights. Subsequently, access to registration for .physio domain names became available on 1 September 2014, in a staged process, as per the image below.