Before contacting us there are two first steps we suggest you take:

  1. determine that we are the right organisation to be dealing with. Advice in relation to the registration or renewal of specific domain names should be sought from an accredited registrar, and
  2. review our current policies to see if the answer to your concern lies there or information around the process can be gained.

Domain complaints

If you believe a registrant is

  1. not eligible to hold their domain name under the Eligibility Policy, please contact us. At our discretion we may refer Sunrise Disputes and Registration Eligibility Disputes to the National Arbitration Forum.
  2. breaching the Acceptable Use Policy please contact:

    Compliance and Policy Manager
    PO Box 33125
    Melbourne Victoria 3004

Industry complaints

If you would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding a registrar or reseller, please contact us. Complaints regarding a registrar or reseller may include:

  1. if you are having trouble retrieving your domain name password, or
  2. if a registrar or reseller has entered their own contact details for your domain name.