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Information regarding the background, purpose and opportunities for .physio is available from our Media Pack (pdf document).


The orange box colour is RGB 255, 131, 5; CMYK 0, 60, 100, 0; Web ff8305. The text font is Arial bold, white.

logo 100x42
Logo 100 x 42 pixels. jpg file.

logo 300x125
Logo 300 x 125 pixels. jpg file.

logo 500x210
Logo 500 x 210 pixels. jpg file.

square logo 50x50
Square logo 50 x 50 pixels. jpg file.

square logo 100x100
Square logo 100 x 100 pixels. jpg file.

square logo 300x300
Square logo 300 x 300 pixels. jpg file


All banner images are jpg files.

banners_300x250_03 banners_180x150_03 banners_120x240_03
banners_120x600_03 banners_240x400_03 banners_120x240_03
banners_300x100_03 banners_234x60_03

Other Images

laptop com or physio
632 x 505 pixels. jpg file.

239 x 326 pixels. jpg file.


This video resides on youtube for easy viewing. The ending is left blank so that you can add your own call to action, logo and/or website details. To access the video Contact Us.


This double sided A5 flyer is available for the addition of your own call to action, logo and/or website details in the large orange dot. To access an Adobe Illustrator version of the flyer Contact Us.

A5 Flyer Front A5 Flyer Back