Quebec’s New Physio Landlord

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Quebec Physio

Action Sport Physio (ASP), Quebec’s largest and fastest-growing network of physiotherapists, has just announced their registration of one hundred .physio domain names.

Primarily location-based, each domain covers a specific geographical area in which one of their clinics is located.

Alan Scheldeman, president and CEO of Action Sport Physio, explained: “Web visitors who want to locate an ASP clinic in their area will simply need to enter the name of their city in their web browser and add the .physio extension. They will then be directed to the webpage of the nearest ASP clinic (for example, for a clinic the city of near the city of Repentigny, the visitor will write”

He added, “These innovations have been created to make it easier for our visitors to find an ASP clinic.”

ASP’s strategic move to claim the digital locations of its practices has given them an extraordinary primacy in a competitive market. As new patients typically search by location and the term ‘physiotherapy’, their exact match of their domains with the search terms will provide a much higher search engine ranking for their websites.

ASP’s leadership and initiative demonstrate to the marketplace that they are technologically advanced and innovative in their thinking. Those same characteristics are also evidenced in their clinical services.

Having secured the location domains of their practice’s, ASP has effectively become the digital physio landlord of Quebec.