Top 10 for 2017

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Top 10 for 2017

Whilst still relatively novel the .physio domain extension is becoming a recognised fixture on the profession’s landscape. Subsequently, in 2017 we saw the use of .physio domains mature.

The growth of the .physio extension and the quality of the websites coming online made choosing the top ten .physio domain names difficult. But if there were one theme that identified this year’s winners it would be their impact. In some cases it was a single, unique element that made the difference, whilst for others it was the reach that they achieved.

Without further ado, in reverse order, here are the top 10 .physio websites for 2017. We have hyperlinked each domain so that you can visit the site.


Victor Physio is located in the seaside town of Victor Harbor (population 10,000), located 85 kilometres South of Adelaide. Their website, for all intents and purposes, is pretty standard – except for one extraordinary thing. The home page opens to a page-width video of their unremarkable front door and then pans out to the building. And then it rises high above the town (filmed on a drone), showing the low farming foothills in the distance, and turns left scanning the beautiful Southern Ocean coastline and nearby Granite Island. It is beautiful and compelling evidence of the connection of the practice to its location.


If there were a cooler name for a practice we couldn’t imagine it. Mojo Physio, located in Margaret River, Western Australia, specialises in running and yoga – what better way is there to help people get back their ‘mojo’? Their website is clean, congruent and inspiring. We particularly love the euphonic rhyming of their email address Say it out loud and it is even better.


Dr Mitch Babcock is part of a breed of new, young, brash physical therapists in the United States who are building their practices through cross fit and strength training. Fitness Tx provides services in rehab, recovery and performance; which are also accessible online. The rawness and honesty of the professionally-taken images attest to Mitch’s commitment to health and exercise.


Playphysio, from Cambridge, Great Britain, is developing innovative products and software to transform respiratory (chest) physiotherapy treatment for patients with cystic fibrosis through fun, engaging and interactive games. Their website is bright, colourful and highly appealing. And they are doing some seriously worthwhile work in the gamification of physiotherapy that we expect will translate across the whole industry.


Baby.Physio is a powerful brand that is still growing (pun intended). Their prime service is a baby motor skills application. The app guides parents through a series of motor skill questions, records the results and reports a percentile ranking of their motor skill development. Over 2,000 babies have taken the test, providing an extraordinary database for future research.


Immediately, you know the area of specialty of Winter Physio. Sensing the inherent power of his brand, owner Adrian Miles has created a beautiful website that contains less than twenty words. The stunning images communicate more succinctly the services that Adrian offers, and at the same time produces a compelling intrigue. The sheer simplicity of the brand ‘’ demonstrates how less can be more.


Dr Seth King, of Rochester, Michigan, has mastered the branding potential of .physio. His business name is his website address and they are built into his logo. One visual device communicates who Seth is, what he does and where to go for more information. Every element of the website supports the brand and strengthens his message.


Okay, we admit our bias on One Leg Physio. It was included it in the top 10 because it demonstrates the opportunities the profession can realise through gamifying exercise. The challenge of One Leg Physio is to beat the average single leg balance time of 34 seconds. Once achieved greater challenges are added in The Difficult Dozen. The campaign had only a tiny budget but with the help of physiotherapists and physical therapists around the globe spreading it via their Social Media accounts more than 45,000 hits to the website were recorded.


Physiotherapist and business coach Paul Wright broke new ground this year with his virtual Physio Business Success Summit. Paul gathered 25 expert industry entrepreneurs and presented them to over 2,000 participants; and the whole thing was held online. The quality of the information was extraordinary and we hope to see the event become a permanent fixture on the professional development calendar.


The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) produced a consumer focussed awareness campaign with the call-to-action Choose Physio. So it just made sense to use the URL The site provides a multitude of useful clinical information on how physiotherapy can help people. The one month television, radio, billboard and digital campaign produced more than 20,000 hits to the website and on testing, the campaign message was recalled by one in four Australians.