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Australian Physiotherapists have a track record for innovation. They regularly lead the world in clinical research, professional practice, leadership and now, marketing.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has launched the first campaign of their national advertising plan, using the call to action ‘Choose physio”.

Central to the campaign is a new consumer website at with quality information about health needs and how physiotherapy can help.

The campaign comes at a time when consumers are faced with a range of choices, some of which may not have the same levels of training, professional standards and evidence based practice that physio employs.

The APA is the first major professional organisation in the world to utilise the .physio domain extension for a marketing campaign. Recognising the simplicity, the identity connection and the ability to create a call to action within a domain name, made the decision an obvious one. Nevertheless the global leadership being demonstrated by the APA in advancing the profession with a .physio domain extension furthers the innovative reputation of Australian physiotherapists.