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Tummy Time

Every parent wants to know that their baby is developing normally, and during the first year attainment of gross motor skills are important developmental milestones.

Australian paediatric physiotherapist, Dr Suzanne Long has created an exciting new web-based app, called, to help parents assess their baby’s gross motor development in their own home.

Through the intuitive app, parents compare their baby’s movements with a range of short age-appropriate animated videos. An easy to interpret chart provides feedback in the form of a percentile rank, which if low, guides parents to further assessment with an appropriate health professional. Performed repeatedly the information can be used to reassure parents or to identify potential problems early.

The impetus for the came from Dr Long’s studies of the impact of early surgery on children’s motor development. Through her clinical and research work, Dr Long found that it is impractical for both health professionals and families to attend regular appointments for developmental surveillance; she sought to develop a way for parents to provide data themselves, without compromising the integrity of the data collected.

Available online at the app is free of charge on the first occasion, and then requires a single payment of $4.95 for unlimited future use. Parents receive automated email reminders when it is time for the next assessment.

Demand for the app has been remarkably strong. In the first six months data has been collected on more than 1,000 Australian babies, with little promotion. This fantastic support indicates the tool is both accessible and feasible for young families.

Whilst targets early gross motor skills, the concept has major future potential with extension to older age groups, other developmental areas (e.g., fine motor, language or cognitive development) and international markets (i.e., gathering region specific data).

Added functionality allows specific groups of users to be tracked, so health practitioners can monitor their own clients and researchers can monitor their subjects. Furthermore the extensive data collected will contribute to the body of knowledge of typical gross motor development. Dr Long welcomes enquiries from researchers, paediatric physiotherapists and physical therapists, and other health professionals.

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