GetPT1st for Physio

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If you are a Social Media user you will be well aware of the marketing phenomenon that is GetPT1st – a US grass roots campaign to raise awareness of Physical Therapy.

Primarily through catchy, re-usable banner ads the campaign advocates for people to consider consulting a Physical Therapist as a part of their health care.

The call-to-action nature of the slogan ‘GetPT1st’ contributes to its appeal and is used repeatedly in the hashtag #GetPT1st and in the address of the website at

The GetPT1st campaign has achieved remarkable success on a small budget. Creator Sean Hagey said, “Of course we had a vision, however we weren’t convinced it would be so well accepted. GetPT1st has exceeded even our wildest expectations”.

Whilst primarily a US-based campaign Sean has received strong positive feedback from all around the world. So now he is taking the campaign global.

Central to taking GetPT1st global is acknowledging the global name for the profession – ‘physiotherapy’.

Two initial strategies are being used by the GetPT1st campaign. Firstly, the front page of the website has been amended to include the word ‘physiotherapy’. This simple step aims to educate the public that the two names do indeed refer to one profession.

Secondly, the campaign has joined with the profession’s very own internet namespace .physio to utilise the domain, currently re-directing to the original website. Managing Director of the .physio registry, Glenn Ruscoe, said “We are delighted to have GetPT1st connect with the global namespace for the profession. Because digital communications are consumed everywhere in the world, every physiotherapist and physical therapist that utilises .physio is helping raise awareness of the profession”.