Protecting the World

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The physiotherapy/physical therapy profession is the envy of its’ competitors. And whilst imitation is flattering, unqualified pretenders represent a significant risk to the profession’s reputation and the health and safety of the public.

Protecting professional titles is paramount to maintaining the quality standards that a profession’s name represents.

Beyond the reach of jurisdictional regulators, the Internet provides new opportunities for the fraudulent and unscrupulous to misrepresent themselves. Until now, that is. With .PHYSIO the profession has its own domain name extension, that excludes unqualified people and organisations.

Because .PHYSIO is restricted for use by only the members of physiotherapy/physical therapy community, Internet users can trust that the information they are receiving from a .PHYSIO domain or email is indeed from a bona fide physiotherapist/physical therapist. In return, for domain registrants .PHYSIO provides immediate recognition and credibility.

.PHYSIO domain names provide a new level of trust and protection for the online world. Become a protector by registering your .PHYSIO domain name.