Top 10 for 2016

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Top 10 for 2016

When .physio launched in late 2014 registrants primarily took domain names that protected their existing intellectual property; such as their name, their specialties, their locations and their brands. And they simply updated their websites.

In 2016 we saw a digital communications revolution in the .physio namespace. Dynamic individuals and organisations began to use clever ideas, niche services and integrated branding strategies to communicate their messages.

We have scoured the globe for the best .physio websites and based on their example we are truly excited about the future of the profession. We can’t wait to see what you produce next year.

Without further ado, in reverse order here are the top 10 .physio websites for 2016:


When you use the word ‘Atlantik’ in your name then you are clearly a multi-national organisation. Based in Switzerland, Atlantik Physio offers services in English, French, German and Portuguese. Whilst a standard physio clinic we felt their multi-lingual website deserved acknowledgement.


Greenlight Physiotherapy and Performance of Chicago, USA, offers visitors a simply beautiful website. The owner chose the name ‘Greenlight’ because it symbolized the action taken when you give yourself permission to experience life free from the sufferings of pain. Subsequently the website is clean and uncluttered, and the high quality images evoke tranquillity and calm. A great example of ‘less is more’.


When everyone asks, “Do you know a good physio?”, it makes sense to be at top of mind. Good Physio in Adelaide, Australia, has broken the standard ‘professional’ mould and branded itself as a funky, up beat destination for the city dweller. Their use of clever design in their website and clinic, shows patients that they are modern, alternative and really cool.


The BITS Edu Campus of Vadodara, India offers, amongst other courses, undergraduate physiotherapy education. The Institute has strong branding with the BITS acronym and has combined it with the .physio extension specifically for their Institute of Physiotherapy. Combining to make the school’s website domain offers a powerful branding message to their prospective students, demonstrating innovation and foresight.


Ireland is a global technology hub and magnet for technology businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. With neighbours like Google, Facebook and Air BNB you need to be up with the latest in technology. The domain positions the practice at the forefront of innovation and forms the foundation for their integrated digital marketing strategy.


There is only one domain and it is currently reserved for later release. So what do you do if golf physio is your speciality? You personalise the domain with the very catchy ‘my’ prefix. The domain resolves to the specialist golf page of 6S Health service. No longer do people only enter your website through the master domain name and its’ home page. Every specialty page can have its own keyword-laden domain driving relevant traffic to the website and ultimately, the business.


The Institute of Clinical Excellence (ICE) was launched in 2012 as a provider of manual therapy courses in the USA. Founder Dr Jeff Moore is a dynamic teacher with a huge following. Jeff is also a visionary physical therapist with a global perspective, so has registered the remarkably catchy domain In terms of branding it doesn’t get better then ice (ice baby, ice ice baby – Apologies to Vanilla Ice).


Daniel Stack understands the future of small business digital marketing, even though his Sydney Sports Physio business is still in the planning stages. Central to his strategy is using key search terms in his domain name. By combining two incredibly valuable keywords in his domain name, Daniel is saying, “We will be Sydney’s sports physiotherapists of choice”. If you live in Sydney and need a sports physio, whom are you going to call? Daniel also recognises the value of his personal brand and his area of expertise so has also registered and Watch him grow.


Cloud Physio is a virtual service that offers telephysio worldwide. Based in Canada the service connects patients to available online physios for greater convenience and accessibility. For a profession that prides itself on ‘hands on’, Cloud Physio is pioneering a radically different delivery method that is likely to be the future. With telephysio your catchment zone can grow from a three-suburb radius to the whole globe.


Specific Treatment Of Problems of the Spine (STOPS) provides an evidence-based strategy for physio’s to more effectively treat spinal pain. Leveraging the power of the internet to get the research to the broader physio community required significant innovation. The brand is short, relevant and highly memorable. Look out for this in the future for your clinical practice and as an example of how to promote a novel concept.


Mick Hughes is not particularly special and nor is his website. But what he has done with his digital branding is extraordinary. Mick is passionate about sports physio and exercise science so he has developed a personal website from where he blogs about relevant sports injury and performance topics. His commentary is contemporary, interesting and relevant. Mick uses snippets of his blogs on his social media accounts to drive traffic to his website and in less than twelve months has become a popular commentator in the field. Mick has set a great example of ‘the power of one’.