Physio Tigers

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dubline.physioIreland is widely recognised as a global technology hub and magnet for technology businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. The rapid growth it experienced saw it labelled the ‘Celtic Tiger’.

James Sherry, Aidan Woods and Tadhg O’Mahony are three dynamic, private sector physiotherapists who are re-shaping their industry with an extraordinary, integrated digital marketing strategy. Not surprisingly, they are experiencing ‘tiger-like’ growth and are well on their way to dominating the physiotherapy market in their home city of Dublin, Ireland.

With near neighbours Google, Facebook and Airbnb in their Grand Canal location digital expectations are high, but so to are access to services, examples and support.

On their quest for business success the boys’ very first action was to secure the domain name Clinic Manager, Ciarán Woods, explained, “If a user can look at our URL and make an accurate guess about the content of the site before even reaching it, it’s done its job“

The .physio extension provides succinctness and connection with the profession. Ciarán went on to say, “Having a shorter URL is the key; easier to remember, copy and paste, read over the phone or write on a business card. Our domain DUBLIN.PHYSIO tells people where we are and what we do.”

Secondly, they turned their domain into their brand by building it directly into their logo. It’s bold font and dynamism demands attention. The graphic designer specifically placed the ‘.’ outside of the body of the text to emphasise that it is a domain name as well as the practice name. They’ve also built their clinic location, Grand Canal, into the logo and plan to do the same for their other Dublin clinic at Pearse Street. The logo is used in all their advertising including posters, flyers, branded t-shirts and even web exercise videos.

Next they began their online campaign. Ciarán said, “We have found Google is the most important online advertising strategy that provides many new customers”. In February alone their advertisement had 146,329 views and 280 clicks that took customers directly to their website. They measure visitors to their DUBLIN.PHYSIO site with Squarespace Metrics and with all their forms of marketing found in the same month of February they had 3,000 visits and 6,500 page views from 2,000 different individuals.

Social media is another important digital strategy and the boys utilize Facebook and Twitter to keep in daily contact with their followers. And finally, quarterly direct email promotions to their existing clients aim to bring back old clients.

But it is not all digital. Aidan is the head physiotherapist for the Irish Olympic team. James and Tadhg are also heavily involved with the community and profession and regularly share their new brand.

Inspired by the remarkable digital success stories around them Aidan, James and Tadhg are leading the physiotherapy profession and experiencing tiger-like growth of their clinic. Soon their brand DUBLIN.PHYSIO will accurately describe their position as the leading practice in the city.