Love that domain

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.com or .physioGreat news for physiotherapists and physical therapists. The profession loves its very own domain name extension.

Where the industry average domain name renewal rate sits around 60%, the renewal rates for .physio domain names for the last three months is at an extraordinary 84%. This very high figure demonstrates that registrants are extremely satisfied with their .physio domain name and are planning to utilise it for the long term.

Whilst the incumbent .com is not likely to become irrelevant in the short term, it is feeling the pinch as renewal rates have dropped to 50%. And it is likely that the country codes, such as .au, .ca, .de and .uk, are also experiencing diminishing renewal rates.

Registration growth rates of the over 1,000 new top level domain names (including .physio) now active on the internet are rapidly increasing as people, organisations and businesses recognise the branding, marketing and communication potential of a domain name with their ‘key word’ to the right of the dot. For .physio, whether it be a practitioner’s name, location, business, organisation or specialty to the left of the dot, the opportunity to connect with their profession online allows them to get their message across far more succinctly.

When members of the physio community use a .physio domain name they are not only promoting themselves but their profession as well. Everytime the .physio extension is mentioned or sited the profession gets a little bit stronger. Everyone benefits from a .physio domain, even internet users who can be confident that they are communicating with a legitemate member of the physio community.