Business Lessons from a PT student

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Ohio State University Physical Therapy student Ryan Smith could never be accused of procrastinating. Midway through his DPT course Ryan started building an online profile to generate a following. A little later he launched his businesses website to generate interest in his new clinic from his digital audience. Then he found the perfect physical space for his new practice. And he still hasn’t graduated yet!

Ryan’s approach of preparing a business whilst in College flies firmly in the face of convention of a conservative profession; and for that reason alone Ryan is likely to succeed. No fool, Ryan has drawn from the experience of seasoned mentors and combined it with his youthful enthusiasm to build a great business model that will see clients walking in the door on the day he opens.

Early on Ryan recognised the need to niche his business. With a primary degree as an Athletic Trainer and a strong interest in the mind-body connection Ryan is building a practice with awareness and movement as the mainstays. He has named the business uMove where the ‘u’ means ‘understanding’, but can also refer to the reader.

To complete the point of difference of his offering Ryan has opted to use the term ‘Physio’ because it is remarkably catchy and connects with, but differentiates him from, the more well-known American term ‘Physical Therapy’.

When Ryan discovered the new top level domain .physio, everything else for his marketing plan just fell into place.

Ryan’s was excited to be able to register the website address In just a few brief words he can tell his audience who he is, what he does, that he does it differently and where to go for more information. With the domain name Ryan has combined his business name, his tagline, his point of difference and his address. Ryan has hit the marketing bullseye with a brand name that is short, relevant and memorable.

Despite not yet able to practice, Ryan’s fresh approach will not only likely see him succeed in business but quickly become a business leader providing lessons to the profession.