100 years of Physio

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This year the Austrian Physiotherapy Association is celebrating their centenary of physiotherapy.

In 1916, the first state-recognized Physiotherapy training commenced in Lainz Hospital, Vienna.

Fast forward to today; to celebrate their milestone achievement the Association has created an information hub at the website 100jahre.physio (the word ‘jahre’ translates to ‘years’).

The Austrian Physiotherapy Association has demonstrated remarkable professional leadership and innovation by developing a specific website to communicate the messages of their anniversary celebrations. Most notably, by using the .physio extension in their website domain name 100jahre.physio they have cleverly captured the essence of their message “100 years of physio” in a short, succinct and highly memorable manner.

The domain name for their website provides extraordinary ‘branded navigation’

By registering and using the domain 100jahre.physio the Association has created a brand with which they can simultaneously tell their audience what the site is about AND where to find it. Their message has become the brand and the navigation tool.

Whilst the website is written in German, it is well worth a look. And by simply copying the website text and pasting it into Google Translate the information can be easily understood in any language.

The Austrian Physiotherapy Association welcomes participation by all in their celebrations, and you can send your own congratulations via the email addresses under the heading “Testimonials” on the front page of the website.

Join your world colleagues by congratulating our Austrian colleagues on their centenary anniversary.