Top 10 for 2015

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With the year coming to an end we reflected on 2015 and the many fabulous .physio domain names that are now in use online. Over 1,200 domain names have been registered by associations, organisations, universities, practices, businesses and individuals.

Every single .physio domain name contributes to the promotion of our profession and the users must be congratulated for their leadership, innovation and foresight. However most exciting for the profession is the clever marketing strategies beginning to emerge.

Here are the top 10 .physio domains for 2015.


Registered by Carlos Arroyo, a physical therapist in New York, USA, epitomises strategic use of key search words to help attract qualified leads to Carlos’ existing website. If you were searching for help with your bad back whose website would you look at first?


“jahre” is German for “years” and the domain has been registered by the Austrian Physiotherapy Association; ready to be the central communication point for their centenary celebrations next year. The Association has cleverly recognised the potential for specific domain names to be used for temporary and spectacular promotions.


You would be forgiven for thinking that this physiotherapy practice is located in the West of the South Australian capital, however it is in fact in Toronto, Canada. The practice and domain name comes from the street upon which they are located. The reason for their inclusion in the top 10 is the extraordinary quality of their website. The site is beautifully clean and simple, and the images are exceptional. This team are setting a new standard of website production for the profession.


Adam Meakins is an active UK physiotherapy blogger who publishes under the moniker ‘the sports physio’. Adam has secured the domain that matches his brand and uses it to re-direct to his wordpress blog page. Whilst often controversial, and not always loved for his comments, we’ve included Adam in the top 10 because of his leadership in the digital physiotherapy space.


Mark Merolli and Karen Finnin are two physiotherapists who are expert and passionate social media users. They have put their heads together to produce a social media education package just for physio and physical therapists, available via coursework or online. And where else to put a website about social media and physio but at


If you are the peak organisation for the profession in your Nation it follows that you should own your country’s name. The South African Society of Physiotherapists have registered the domain and are in plans to move their site and branding over to the more succinct domain. They will be well placed for their hosting of WCPT Congress 2017.


Graduate physiotherapist Eddie Tikoft from Perth, Western Australia, is utilising the domain as a blog for his own reflection and professional development, and as an education tool for his fellow junior colleagues. We think it is an extraordinarily clever move by Eddie and congratulate him on his initiative.l


Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Jayce Gilbert from Melbourne, Australia has created a premium product from his extra skills and qualifications, and is marketing it via the concept of offering second opinions for chronic and complex conditions. We think this is very smart and good for the profession.


When you own the Journal of Physiotherapy it just makes sense to register the domain The simplicity of the domain matches the simplicity of the title of publication. Congratulations to the Australian Physiotherapy Association.


The World Confederation for Physical Therapy is the peak organisation for the profession. The mouthful of words that make up their title is elegantly summarised with the domain We look forward to their future use of the domain.

The domain name industry expects 2016 to be a breakout year as the world moves towards the exciting branded navigation benefits offered by the new top level domains. Great opportunities exist to register unique, exciting and clever .physio domain names, so we encourage you to utilise this extraordinary opportunity to connect with your profession online.