Four Non-physio’s Removed

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Four domain names were deleted from the .physio Top Level Domain (TLD) registry as a result of the 2015 first quarter review of registrant eligibility. The registrants for,, and failed to demonstrate that they met the eligibility criteria of the TLD.

In each case the domain name was returned to the pool and may be registered by another eligible person or organization. No refund is provided to the original registrant.

Glenn Ruscoe, Managing Director of Phys Biz Pty Ltd, the Registry Operator for the .physio TLD said, “The strength of the .physio TLD relies upon its exclusivity. Internet users must have complete confidence that the information they are receiving is being provided by legitimate members of the physio & physical therapy community.”

“Furthermore all .physio registrants need to be assured that the value of their .physio domain name will not be diluted by the presence of ineligible persons and organisations,” said Mr Ruscoe. He continued, “The physio & physical therapy profession is highly respected because of its strong standards. It is paramount that we maintain these standards by ensuring that those who use the .physio TLD are truly eligible to do so.”

The quarterly registrant eligibility review process involves a desktop review of the website content and registrant information of a random sample of domain names; and in some cases, domain names about which concerns have been raised. If necessary the registrant is contacted and given fourteen days in which to demonstrate their compliance with the eligibility policy.

Mr Ruscoe explained, “Three of the four deleted domain names were from persons and organisations clearly not eligible. In the fourth case, the registrant did not respond to our requests for more information. In the absence of any evidence to demonstrate their compliance with the eligibility policy we had no choice but to delete the domain”.

It is mandatory requirement of all domain name registrations across the internet that the contact details of the registrant remain up-to-date. This is a security measure that also allows the Registry to make contact at any time. Mr Ruscoe said, “Failure to update contact details may see domain names deleted because the request for more information did not go through. It is paramount that registrants update their contact details with their Registrar whenever those details change.”

Whilst registrant eligibility is both a burden and a cost to registrants, it is a necessary component of the TLD’s operation to ensure the profession maintains its high standards in the virtual world – thereby matching the benefits of practitioner regulation in the real world.

Please note: The Eligibility Policy was developed in consultation with the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, national professional associations and interested physiotherapists. All .physio TLD policies can be accessed from