Congress Success

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The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) held its quadrennial Congress in Singapore, from 1 – 4 May 2015. The peak event for the profession, over 4,000 physio & physical therapists from more than 100 countries attended.

To keep all the WCPT Congress attendees connected online .physio provided a bank of six computers at the Internet Kiosk in the Exhibition Hall and had a great 3 and a ½ days discussing the plans of physio/physical therapists for their new .physio domain names.

Registrations of .physio domain names came in from physiotherapists from all over the world. Some of the highlights included Olufemi Oyewole, who was the first registration from Nigeria, and Arnanda Sindunoto, from the oldest physiotherapy practice in Jakarta, Indonesia, who registered three domains including ‘’. The world’s most isolated physiotherapist, Pippa Tessman, whose practice is in the centre of Australia – registered both her personal and her practice’s name – ‘’. And physiotherapists from the United States, Canada, Britain, Japan, Greece, Finland, Iceland and New Zealand keenly jumped on board.

Connecting her special interest Jo Milios, better known by her twitter handle ‘Prostate Jo’ because of her special interest in men’s health, appropriately registered ‘’. The succinctness of the domain name provides a great marketing tool for her ambitions to raise awareness of men’s health issues around the world. Meanwhile Karen Fitt, who owns a clinic in Melbourne specialising in hand therapy, combined her location with her speciality into her new domain – ‘’. The domain name leaves no doubt that if you need hand physiotherapy and you live in Melbourne, then Karen is the expert. And Linda Khong is so well known as a Lymphodema physiotherapist that she registered just her first name – ‘’.

The .physio community consists of not just practitioners. A great number of organisations support and service the profession and so are also eligible to register .physio domains. The Exhibition Hall held some exciting new innovations from supporting industries. Enraf-Nonius, the Dutch-based world-leading manufacturer of physiotherapy equipment, targeted .physio domain names that can only be described as category-killers. With ‘’ and ‘’ they have the potential to “own” those categories in the minds of their target market. Likewise, medical publisher Elsevier has registered the category-killers’ ‘’ and ‘’. And the world-leading Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy registered ‘’ to complement their existing domain.

WCPT itself has registered, amongst others, the domains ‘’ and ‘’. Each of the six WCPT regions also have their own .physio domain name and the subgroups and networks are finalising their choices from a list of special names that were reserved for their first consideration. WCPT member organisations from Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, South Africa and the United States have also registered .physio domains. To spread the word at WCPT Congress the Australian Physiotherapy Association provided free t-shirts from their stand with the text ‘’ proudly on display.

The next Congress will be held in Capetown in 2017. We are already looking forward to it.