Physio-preneurs & personal websites

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At first glance Australian Physiotherapists Jason Smith and Darren Beales, and student Jessica Birt appear to have little in common. Jason has built a franchise organization employing more than 420 staff in over sixty locations, whilst Darren is a renowned specialist clinician and researcher, and Jessica is in the third year of her Physiotherapy and Exercise & Sports Science double degree at Notre Dame University. What these three physio-preneurs have in common is that they are building their brand via personal websites.

Successful people recognise the value of building their professional brand, communicating it and, most importantly, being in control. Jason explains, “people do business with people and sometimes they just want to look up a personal site to find out about you, rather than the organisation.” Darren discussed the benefits of his website being just about him, “My website brings together the diverse environments in which I work into a central place of reference”. And Jessica explained about being in control, “I want to have a place that gives a holistic view of who I am and what I have to offer. No company website will ever do that as well as I can”.

An informative, well designed, professional website sends a message that you take your career seriously. A personal website makes you easier to find and provides a glimpse into your personality that cannot be expressed in a CV. The layout, font, colours and style all send a message about you. But most importantly having your own website allows you to control what people find when they search for you. Furthermore, a personal website will evolve with you as your career refines, broadens or even takes a U-turn. Jason concluded, “A personal website will stay with me even as I change”.

Creating personal websites has never been easier with modern and fresh on-line templates allowing you to simply insert the text.

Darren said, “For now my page is a fairly static information page, but I can easily add features – such as blogs and resource links – to make it more dynamic as I please”. He also added, “Because I don’t have time to attend to the inherent demands of most social media platforms a personal web page is easier”. As a clinician Darren recognizes that client-therapist connections are common and by having his own website his loyal clients will always be able to find him no matter where he is working.

Recognising that she will soon be in the job market, Jessica is positioning herself for consideration by potential employers. According to Google, 80% of people research each other online before meeting for the first time and this number jumps to 95% when talking about employers researching job candidates.

A beautifully-designed and well-written website gives you the best chance of making that crucial first impression a great one. Having your own website sends a message that your care about your professional image, and good, relevant content shows you put time and thought into your job. Plus it shows aptitude and skills above and beyond.

Jason, Darren and Jessica are all innovators and so they have chosen domain names for their personal websites ending in .physio. Jason said, “a .physio domain name provides immediate professional recognition. It is innovative and undoubtedly the way of the future”. Darren knows that, “a .physio domain name will drive search engine results for physiotherapy related queries in the future”. But perhaps Jessica sums it up best with, “I will soon be a physio, so having the phrase ‘physio’ in the domain name allows me to succinctly tell people who I am, what I do and where to go for more information – says it all”.

These three physio-preneurs are leading the charge into a new world where active self-promotion can be achieved with professionalism. Furthermore by connecting with a .physio top level domain name they are contributing to the overall success of the profession. Every visit to their websites strengthens public awareness of the benefits of ‘physio’ and their grass-roots advocacy exemplifies how every physio & physical therapist can promote themselves and their profession.

Jason, Darren and Jessica registered their .physio domain names at