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Anyone who has used the internet will be aware of the ubiquitous ‘.com’ in website and email addresses. Now an alternative – .physio – is available, specifically for the world’s physiotherapy & physical therapy community.

To support growth and innovation the authority that controls the internet, ICANN, has created new domain name options by allowing nearly 1,400 new top level domain (TLD) extensions. Companies, cities, cultures, religions, sports, interest-groups and professions now have unique TLD extensions, such as .google, .london, .kiwi, .catholic, .football, .republican and .lawyer, providing the opportunity to build stronger communities.

The world’s physio & physical therapy community is just one of four health professions (including .doctor, .pharmacy and .dentist) with its own new TLD extension; providing a fantastic opportunity for associations, organisations, institutions, support services, clinics and individuals to connect with and advocate for the profession.

The term ‘.physio’ was selected
because it is –

  1. short and unique,
  2. both a noun and a verb, and
  3. commonly and widely used.

The .physio TLD provides access to short, memorable and relevant second level domain names like ‘toronto.physio’, ‘sports.physio’ and ‘jessicabrown.physio’. These names succinctly say who they are, what they do and where to go for more information. And the specificity of the .physio TLD has intrinsic benefits of higher search engine rankings, more clicks and greater satisfaction with website content.

Second level .physio domain names became available for registration in late 2014 and savvy industry members are moving quickly to protect their intellectual property by registering their company/organisation’s domain name and for individuals, registering their greatest asset, their personal domain name.

Three years preparation, including extensive consultation, was undertaken to prepare .physio for launch. Foremost, the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, representing 106 member nations and 350,000 therapists, has supported .physio from its inception and became a Founder with ten .physio domain names.

The .physio TLD is an extraordinary advocacy opportunity for the world physio & physical therapy profession. By embracing this single-word online identity the profession can significantly increase its presence and achieve greater recognition and awareness. Every member and organisation within the physio & physical therapy community can unite under the .physio TLD to simultaneously advocate for themselves and their profession.