Back in Motion is First Founder

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Back In Motion Health Group, Australia’s leading provider of physiotherapy and related services, today announced it was embracing the next evolution of digital innovation by acquiring a .physio web address; an intuitive domain name dedicated to the physiotherapy community.

backinmotionBack In Motion Health Group is Australia’s leading and fastest growing provider of physiotherapy and related services with a team of more than 420 staff in 60+ locations across 38 franchises.

The impending launch of their new web address follows Back In Motion’s appointment as the first .physio Founder and the recognition of their leadership within the physiotherapy profession.

Becoming a .physio Founder exemplifies the professionalism, integrity and industry authority that Back In Motion has become renowned for. In recognition of this status, Back In Motion will now be one of the first businesses in the world to obtain and use a .physio web address, and seal their affiliation with the profession online.

Jason T Smith, Group Director and Founder of Back In Motion Health Group, welcomed the announcement.

“This is just another example of where we are trying to harness progressive technology to better reach our clients. Our mission is to empower people in optimal health and the online space is becoming an increasing powerful platform to influence this.”

Glenn Ruscoe, Managing Director of Phys Biz – the company behind the .physio Top-Level Domain – congratulated Back In Motion on their leadership for becoming a pioneer of the next digital innovation within the profession.

“Registering a .physio domain name offers savvy practitioners and organisations the opportunity to more accurately position their professional brand online and leverage the trust and security communicated through every web address,” Mr Ruscoe said.

“.physio will benefit Internet users and consumers of physiotherapy services by ensuring increased trust, convenience and utility. Patients will soon turn to .physio domains names as the source of truth and authority on the Internet, which will add legitimacy to the industry and instil significant confidence and trust.”

Mr Ruscoe said Founders would be the first to experience the benefits of owning a .physio domain name, which included increased message and brand recall, search engine optimisation and improved trust and security.