Founders Program Launched

Posted by on Jun 26, 2014 in News | No Comments

The .physio Founders Program is an initiative designed to engage early adopters to proactively develop and maintain domains within the .physio extension prior to general availability. Founders will help to build the credibility of the .physio domain extension and provide critical third party support and proof points for media messaging, marketing materials and web content.

Phys Biz Pty Ltd Managing Director Glenn Ruscoe said, “This is a tremendous opportunity for key individuals, businesses and organisations to secure memorable domain names ahead of other registrants and to demonstrate their leadership, foresight and initiative”.

In return for this opportunity, Founders will be required to have relevant websites up within 90 days of the end of the Limited Registration Period.

The Founders Program logo hails the man considered the original founder of the profession, Swede, Per Henrik Ling.

More information and Application Forms are available at the Founders page. Applications will be accepted up until 15 October 2014.