GAC Safeguard Advice Hurdle Cleared

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in News | No Comments

ICANN have just announced a way forward for the new gTLD’s that were caught up in the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) advice requiring extra safeguards for regulated industries, like .physio. The GAC were concerned that because of the inherent trust and responsibility of some industries that greater safeguards were required to protect the public.

The effect of this action was to quarantine 180 of the new gTLD’s whilst the concerns could be addressed.

ICANN’s New gTLD Program Commmittee announced over the weekend that they had separated the gTLD’s identified by the GAC as requiring extra safeguards into two groups based on inherent risk and had developed appropriate extra safeguards for each group. The safeguards require extra compliance between the registry operator and the registrar agreement to ensure appropriate registrant behaviour.

Phys Biz Managing Director, Glenn Ruscoe, said “We are relieved to be able to move forward again. The delay has been unfortunate as the extra safeguards required are less onerous than we had intended for .physio”. He continued, “It is fundamental to the success of .physio that the public can trust that the information from a .physio website is indeed provided by an appropriate person. We will be employing the strongest policies to ensure public safety and maintain credibility of .physio”.

The .physio gTLD expects to be launched mid way through the year.