Eligibility Policy Consultation

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The .physio Top Level Domain (TLD) has significant potential to affect the physio community. Therefore involvement by members and organisations of the physio community in policy development is essential to ensure that the profession’s needs are acknowledged and recognised.

Paramount to the success of the .physio TLD is its integrity. All stakeholders, including consumers, must be confident that any second level .physio domain name, e.g. www.sydney.physio, is truly representative of the physio community.

To be effective, the .physio TLD must be exclusive to the use of members of the physio community. Therefore an eligibility policy is required to determine who, and who is not, eligible to register a .physio domain names.

Phys Biz Pty Ltd is inviting interested persons to comment. More information is available at the Policy Reviews page of www.registrydotphysio.com.