Application for .physio announced

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PhysBiz Pty Ltd, a Perth based physiotherapy consulting company has announced that it will be applying for the Registrar rights for .physio.

Managing Director, Glenn Ruscoe, a physiotherapist himself, said “Physiotherapy is an important world wide profession that deserves its own space on the world wide web.”

PhysBiz intends making second level domain names available to members of the physiotherapy community world wide. Ruscoe said, “The strength of the .physio brand will be the fact that it is restricted to members of the physiotherapy community only, thereby ensuring that members of the public can trust that any site they visit will be owned and operated by a physiotherapist.”

“And for the physiotherapists, the inherent search engine optimisation benefits are great. A domain name ending with .physio” will rank higher in searches using services such as Google and Yahoo”, said Ruscoe.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) has endorsed the application by PhysBiz to ICANN for the .physio gTLD. WCPT represents 106 physiotherapy member organisations from around the world, which in turn represent over 300,000 physio’s. Secretary General Ms Brenda Myers said, “The opportunity for physio/physical therapy to have its own namespace on the internet is exciting. It will expand the opportunities for physio/physical therapists to share their health message and to raise the profile and demonstrated the effectiveness of the profession online and worldwide”.

Ruscoe said, “the endorsement by the APA and WCPT is recognition that the physiotherapy community and the world will be well served by physiotherapists having their own space on the world wide web. Achieving the .physio gTLD will be a historic moment for the physiotherapy profession.”