ICANN opens up web

Posted by on Jun 23, 2011 in News | No Comments

Today the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released details of their new generic Top Level Doman (gTLD) program.

Where public users were previously limited to domain names that ended in .com, .org and .net, ICANN have chosen to open up the world wide web to just about .anything.

Companies may apply to manage gTLD’s of any kind, for example business brands such as .cannon, .toyota and .apple. Localities may choose to apply for .london, .victoria or .borneo. And communities may apply for .law, .gay or .left.

Over the last ten years ICANN has steadily increased the number of TLD’s available from the original six to over 21, including .asia, .pro, .travel and most recently .xxx for the adult entertainment industry.

This next move will see the world wide web completely opened up to be .anything. PhysBiz Managing Director, Glenn Ruscoe said. “Opening up the world wide web in this manner is going to completely change the internet landscape. New opportunities, new developments and new ideas will explode.”